At one time…

From time to time I get a great brainwave idea. Today it was to blog a day early. I’ve made it a point to blog every Wednesday. Here it is, Tuesday, and I’m already on it.

My blogs lately have been more the way I talk, than any special “written content” method that I may have used before. They’re a little more “stream of consciousness” and I’m a little less concerned about punctuation and run-on sentences than I might have been before. Part of that is the influence of someone I’ve been reading–Jon Kabat-Zinn. He runs on forever! However, he has a message that overlies all his writing, however imperfect that may be. And the message is worth overlooking some of the imperfection of his writing style.

At one time, I was interested in developing a meditation practice. That sort of fell by the wayside, as I worried myself silly about the direction my life was taking, had taken. Now, I feel like I’m able to set some of that aside, and just be (as my darling wife, Jan, loves to remind me).

I’m thinking that this week perhaps I’ll get done some of what I’d meant to do last week–get a hold of an old friend, perhaps play in my “office” some more, perhaps attend a Toastmasters meeting. These were all things I’d meant to do last week (or in weeks past) and just never got around tuit.

So here we go. This time is as good as any.

Thanks for reading, and if you like please comment below.

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Do what makes sense.

This just about got buried in another post–“Do what makes sense”. I’m not even sure where it came from, but this has been a “guiding principle” in all my decisions and all my forward life motion in the past several years.

It simplifies decisions that would otherwise be complicated and miserable. It eliminates second-guessing and largely eliminates regret after the fact. All I need to do is ask myself, did what I do at the time “make sense”.

Granted, sometimes what I do does not prima facee “make sense”. Or, I think it does at the time, and later, upon reflection, I decide I would have done things differently. And as my friend and relative Catherine, at the Blissful Mind, don’t overthink it! I do that a lot, I’m sorry to say. Going back and rethinking something, is pretty much the same thing.

As we all say, “Don’t overthink it.” It means the same thing as “Do what makes sense.” Do something (anything) now!

As I consider my alternatives for this blog (i.e. turning it into a full-blown advice column/web page vs. packing it in completely), I am reminded that there are no wrong answers. I’ve learned, particularly in the last little while, you and always change your mind. (I think, like a lot of the advice that I dispense–or redispense–these days, this came from my mother). Again, for emphasis, “You can always change your mind”. Or, put another way, there is nothing cast in stone.

I keep on telling myself that. Most of the time it sticks. Sometimes, no. But it’s true, you can always change your mind!

Hope this all makes sense. Thanks for reading. Please feel free to comment below.

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