Today is a brand new day (SEO keyphrase-wise)!

It looks like a lot has been happening with WordPress since the last time I was here! There’s a new frame at the bottom of the page (something to do with Yoast SEO) that I’ve never seen before. How do I improve my SEO? I think that’s something I should know, probably used to know.

There’s a lot of new composition mechanisms on the page before that never used to be here. If I add an outbound link, suddenly I’ve got SEO points! How easy was that! Now an “inbound link“.

How about an image?

W3.CSS Images

Ok. I admit. I don’t know what I’m doing. Just adding junk here an there to see if I can poop up my blog! How the heck do I add an emoji?

Every day is a new adventure. This blog isn’t the same as the blog I visited a month ago, or a year ago. Every adventure calls on adventures before, and every experience builds on the experiences you’ve had in the past. I keep thinking of these things as I consider rebranding this blog… To take it on, or not?

We’ll see.

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What next?

We have been through a lot of “unprecedented changes”. (Every time I hear that phrase, I want to scream!)

So, what’s different? We now have a President of the United States, who for all practical purposes is un-fact-checkable. He lies constantly. There’s an old joke–Question: How do you know such-and-such is lying? Answer: His lips are moving. That’s the President.

So, once again, what’s changed? With less than 60 days to the general election, many of us are hoping that this will be a one-term trial-by-fire. (Trial by liar?) However, with everything that’s happened this year alone, there is no guarantee of improvement. As capable, and as likable, as the opposition is, with other governments (particularly Russia) interfering, and the unending effort by the President to interfere in what would otherwise be a fair, effective election, there is no guarantee.

My wife, Jan, and I are Canadian by birth. We are much more fortunate than our American friends and family. We can always head back north across the border. At least that’s what we keep on telling ourselves. The Canadian scene is much saner and happier (to our way of thinking) than what is happening here, now. Even if a “cure” was found tomorrow–a vaccine or some sort of infusion to fix the mess that this country is in–there is no promise that this magic would cure this country of its endemic racism and blowhard jingoism. The things I hated most about this country when I moved here in the mid-nineties have only gotten larger and more pervasive.

Time to move? I think so. Not everything is perfect. We have probably a year or two of “homework” to do before we can consider making Canada our home again. Pairing down what we have acquired here, and finding a place to live north of the border, are all considerations. California is burning–that too the result of the ennui and procrastination of too many American leaders. Lack of leadership is what it all comes down to.

About three or four years ago, I started meditating. It’s not a constant. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. It’s not anything that I do religiously. (I don’t have anything that I do religiously!) Something that meditation has enabled me to do more easily is to hold everything that is happening to me, and all the internal conversations about what’s happening to me, a little more at arms length–a little more objectively. I know that everything happens, including everything that is happening now, is a figment of my imagination. Every time I let my guard down, every time I forget what I know about centering, all of the junk starts rushing back in. It’s not easy to hold it all at bay, but it’s possible.

I invite you share with me (and my readers) your perspectives on the way of the world. How is it for you? What have you discovered that lends a little hope–a little sanity–to your current situation–your life?

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