Welcome to 2021

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Slo mo

I would have thought that 2020 might be the last year I would be doing any of this (sitting in my downstairs office, looking at the lake, blogging, etc.) I was wrong.

Here I am again. I’ve kicked the old ball a couple more yards down the field. I’m still looking for a big lottery win. A place where Jan and I can retire without worry. A hassle-free existence for all. That ain’t happening yet either.

I also would have thought the technology for blogging (WordPress et al.) would have advanced to the stage where I wouldn’t actually have to formulate at thought, get it down on paper (succinctly and with perfect SEO) and hit the Publish button (just once–not hitting and hitting, waiting for my internet connection to catch up, and hitting Publish again). Things just seem to be moving too slowly. My lengthening life-span. My deepening love for Jan and our kids. All of it looks like it’s happening in slow motion.

So let’s try again.

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More slo mo…

I guess I just need more practice.

About Gerry Wieder

Gerry is a former Registered Nurse, currently living in the Seattle area of the United States.
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  1. Jan says:

    I love you with everything I have. J xxxoo

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