There are businesses and entrepreneurs making a killing now, why not governments?

These people–governments and bureaucrats–that we elect to perform their duties in our best interests are not. They pander to the wealthy, to the corporations and the billionaire entrepreneurs. Fire them! Vote them out of office. Elect only those that pledge (and have demonstrated) that they act in the best interests of everyman!

Well to start, it’s not “the American way”. If you are going to do really “do good”, all you have to do is go–hat in hand–to your fellows and beg! No room for opportunism, or even plain using your head! Forget about riding the trends, or “buying low, selling high”. For some reason it just works that way for governments.

And the crazy thing is—it works! There’s a special interest for everything. You lookin’ for a handout? No problem. You don’t have to do any work. You don’t even have to make a case. Just hold your hand out.

All I can say is—to quote one of my favorite commentators, John Oliver—“What the fuck!?”

Ok. I’m done being truly surprised by all of this. It’s just the way things are. And if I’m going to be really Zen about the whole thing, I really shouldn’t let it upset me. But holy crap!

About Gerry Wieder

Gerry is a former Registered Nurse, currently living in the Seattle area of the United States.
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