What next?

We have been through a lot of “unprecedented changes”. (Every time I hear that phrase, I want to scream!)

So, what’s different? We now have a President of the United States, who for all practical purposes is un-fact-checkable. He lies constantly. There’s an old joke–Question: How do you know such-and-such is lying? Answer: His lips are moving. That’s the President.

So, once again, what’s changed? With less than 60 days to the general election, many of us are hoping that this will be a one-term trial-by-fire. (Trial by liar?) However, with everything that’s happened this year alone, there is no guarantee of improvement. As capable, and as likable, as the opposition is, with other governments (particularly Russia) interfering, and the unending effort by the President to interfere in what would otherwise be a fair, effective election, there is no guarantee.

My wife, Jan, and I are Canadian by birth. We are much more fortunate than our American friends and family. We can always head back north across the border. At least that’s what we keep on telling ourselves. The Canadian scene is much saner and happier (to our way of thinking) than what is happening here, now. Even if a “cure” was found tomorrow–a vaccine or some sort of infusion to fix the mess that this country is in–there is no promise that this magic would cure this country of its endemic racism and blowhard jingoism. The things I hated most about this country when I moved here in the mid-nineties have only gotten larger and more pervasive.

Time to move? I think so. Not everything is perfect. We have probably a year or two of “homework” to do before we can consider making Canada our home again. Pairing down what we have acquired here, and finding a place to live north of the border, are all considerations. California is burning–that too the result of the ennui and procrastination of too many American leaders. Lack of leadership is what it all comes down to.

About three or four years ago, I started meditating. It’s not a constant. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. It’s not anything that I do religiously. (I don’t have anything that I do religiously!) Something that meditation has enabled me to do more easily is to hold everything that is happening to me, and all the internal conversations about what’s happening to me, a little more at arms length–a little more objectively. I know that everything happens, including everything that is happening now, is a figment of my imagination. Every time I let my guard down, every time I forget what I know about centering, all of the junk starts rushing back in. It’s not easy to hold it all at bay, but it’s possible.

I invite you share with me (and my readers) your perspectives on the way of the world. How is it for you? What have you discovered that lends a little hope–a little sanity–to your current situation–your life?

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As the world turns

For those of you old enough, you’ll remember a “daytime soap” called “As the World Turns“. It aired its final episode in 2010. I was never a big “soaps” fan, however, the title of the series always grabbed my attention, and I recall “as the world turns” being lampooned several times in my life time.

So, as the world turns:

  • It seems as if world leaders just never learn. Or maybe its a case of there being a dearth of leadership qualities and talent, period! Is it really possible that despite all our science and technological expertise, we are still getting beaten by a virus? First, a virus isn’t exactly the brightest organism in the world. It knows only on thing–replicate! Humans don’t even seem to have this on their “wish list” right now–flocking to the beaches in droves; holding political rallies with no physical distancing and mask; and pretty much doing everything they can to fuck themselves up (as my hero, John Oliver, would say).
  • Economically, even if you’re a numbers and trends geek (like I am), nothing that’s happened in the recent past, or is happening now, really makes any sense. For instance, unemployment numbers are flat (if not still rising); the housing crisis is in upward-trend mode; and healthcare (I still fondly call it “healthcare”) is fucked! (Again, thank you, John Oliver). All I’m hoping is that no one catches on to all of this, at least until my sweetheart and I can pull off our retirement.
  • Spiritually and holistically, we should have finally got the message. Take care of your planet (Earth, in this case). If the viral pandemic that’s currently playing out tells us anything, it is this: if you fuck with Mother Nature (thanks again, John), she will get you back! The principle is karma, or in plain English, the law of cause and effect. Nothing weird or woo-woo here, it’s a law of physics. If you mess with your causes, your effects will come an bite you in the end. (I’ll leave it to you, to guess which end.)

The world keeps turning, thank God, for the time being. So, all things being equal (see the law of karma above), we should have enough time (not too much, mind you) to get things straightened out.

First, we need to think about what we’re doing as individuals. For instance, if you’re using too much plastic? Cut it out! Remember: cause and effect.

Second, we need to think about who we’re listening to for advice. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with someone saying something because it will give that person a political advantage, but if political advantage is the only reason the person in question is saying it? Look elsewhere for advice! Please! And I really don’t care if you’re Republican, Democrat or any one of hundreds of other political belief systems. Be human first, and political second.

Last, sort of following along in the same vein as the last point, if you’re thinking to gain any economic advantage in any of this–good luck! If I was a betting man (and aren’t we all), I’d say there are going to be very few winners when all of the economical factors and trends play out. And I’m not nearly smart enough to forecast where those trends are leading and who the winners and the losers are going to be. So, treat your neighbors well. You can never tell when you’re going to need each other!

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